Start Up, Singapore! The Journey of Entrepreneurship (Episode 2)

Casting aside the traditional advice to become doctors, lawyers, bankers or engineers, JFDI startup teams - Glints from Singapore and Celuv from Korea are emblematic of a new generation of young talents seizing the opportunities that their generation has to shape their dream, their way. It has not been easy to accommodate all the expectations of society and family with their desire to become entrepreneurs, but all 12 startup teams from all around Asia and 1 from as far as Lithuania, overcame all obstacles and left their stability at home to give their business the best shot they can with JFDI Accelerate Programme.

This episode brings you through their journey of entrepreneurship, serving as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs from around the world to adopt the "It's OK to fail and try again" mindset. After undergoing 100 days of intensive JFDI boot camp, these startup teams are finally ready to graduate and present to an audience of over 100 active early-stage investors on 7 July Demo Day. To find out how they perform and rise against all odds, do look out for the final Episode!