The Fusion of Design & Technology

Creative Director  |  Digital Marketer  |  Technophile

Creative Direction

With over 18 years in advertising, mostly spent in the digital space.

Digital marketing

On the lifelong journey of mastering the kungfu of marketing.


Chaser and early adopter of new and future tech.

About Me

I work and play in the digital space.

With a unique blend of formal training in Fine Arts, IT, and Digital Marketing, I have carved a niche for myself in the digital marketing and creative playground. My career began as a systems administrator for a multinational gaming company, a role that ignited my passion for design and advertising.

Fast forward two decades, and several agencies later, my enthusiasm for creativity, digital innovation, and technology remains as fervent as ever. My journey has been marked by a continuous pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm. I am excited to bring this passion and experience to new opportunities and challenges.


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