Some of my favourite projects.

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HP Touch the Future Projection

We created a fun and intuitive 3D Interactive projection campaign which shows the future of technology in real time communication and data visualisation. The projection has user generated content projected live onto the facade of Vivocity, together with works from the best of Singapore illustrators. Click to view the projection video

Data and Technology Digital Ads

Utilising data and technology, I created market-first ads, like virtual and augmented reality ads, content rich magazine style ads, bespoke one-off units as well as dynamic optimised creatives. The ability to engage with very specific audiences and tailoring messages just for that audience allow for higher conversions and engagement levels. Click to view some samples!

Osim ULove Interactive Video

We brought a static video to life with this interactive ad unit which lets users engage with the content. Adding interactivity and contextual information, we increased conversions and traffic to the website. Click to view the ad.

IMDA - Smart Nation Campaign

Together with Forbes Asia, we created a website to promote the Smart Nation initiative for IMDA. The campaign focused heavily on resources, ideas and training to bring Singapore furthur towards the goal of being a fully "smart" nation. Click to view the website.

Temasek Foundation - #VaccinateSG

This campagn targets the elderly in Singapore, to communicate that vaccination protects yourself as well as your loved ones and friends, especially those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. Click to watch the series of 4 videos in 4 languages

Explore the world with M1

Explore the world of M1 and win prizes. One of my last Flash based ads which allowed for very 3D like animation on the M1 homepage. RIP Flash. Click to view the ad. (Flash)